A Tri Hawk koronafelvágók magas minőséget képviselnek. Gyors és hatékony használatukkal nem csak időt takarítanak meg, hanem egyben a turbinát/gyorsítót és a kezünket is kímélik.

Tri Hawk widia burs represent high quality. Their fast and efficient use save not only precious treatment time, but also spare the hand piece and our hands.

Üdvözlettel/Kind regards
Horváth Attila

“I received your trial pack a few days ago. Your #330 bur performed just as advertised! It cuts through cast metal crowns like a “hot knife through butter.” Truth in advertising

is so refreshing.”

“For the past few years, I have been a loyal purchaser of the TriHawk burs. Why? From a clinical perspective, TriHawk burs are my #1 go-to bur for crown sectioning, or cutting

burs for restorative and initial preparations for prosthodontic procedures. I love its efficiency and I am always on the hunt to find a product that delivers fast, reliable, and superior results. So far, these burs are my daily favourite. I also love the fact that they are extremely affordable, so much that I use them as a single use bur.”

“Tri Hawk not only makes the best burs for the money, they make the best burs— period! They are the sharpest, fastest-cutting, most comfortable and ‘easiest on the eyes’ for the clinician.”

“Thank you for providing impressively sharp and reliable cutting instruments for the dental professionals. I have been using Talon burs for over five years now and I have not used any better bur yet.”

Yours sincerely,

Johan Nordblom, DDS

“I have been a Talon Bur fan since the mid 1990s. The long surgical FG burs have since that time been my standard all round multipurpose bur. It is a wonderful bur for use with friction grip oral surgery turbine handpieces and is particularly useful in the removal of impacted third molars. Many surgeons may not have experienced the advantages of using a long surgical bur for restorative preparations, maybe believing that a shorter bur is the best one to use when access is limited. I have found that the long surgical bur allows me better vision and more control and it is particularly suited when operated through a speed increasing electrically driven handpiece. Whether cutting titanium alloys, gold alloys and even chrome cobalt alloys, the bur is efficient and precise. I don’t know what I would do without the long surgical Talon.

These are my genuine feelings and I am happy to give this testimonial. I have, in the past, recommended the bur used to many other surgeons and will continue to do so.”

“This might be difficult to believe, but, truly, if there is only one bur that you need to do most aspects of your dentistry, it is this one; The Tri Hawk Talon12.”

“It’s fun to get something in your practice that actually works as well as they say it does!

The Talon burs cut through metal and porcelain better than any specialty bur or diamond I’ve used in almost 40 years of practicing dentistry.  They cut through crowns three to four times faster than any other burs, yet they don’t chatter and so I can control them easily.  When I’m cutting dentin,they make my standard low-power hand-piece cut as if I’m using a high-power air-bearing hand-piece.”

“Tri Hawk’s Talon burs are the best I’ve ever seen for cutting through metal and porcelain-fused-to-metal.  Instead of using three or four burs, with the Talon I need only one. As an endodontist, time is money, and that’s why I use the Talon.”

We find your TriHawk TC burs very efficient in cutting tooth & metal too. Removal of old amalgam fillings with your TC burs is such a breeze! We used to use SS White TC burs for cutting metal crowns but they were not as efficient as TriHawk burs.

The long shank surgical TC burs are excellent for dividing wisdom teeth & others as they cut teeth like butter. It is indispensable tool during any surgical extraction!

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