Crafting Quality

Our factory in Morrisburg, Ontario is truly a place we take pride in. It is a self-contained and unassuming place on the outside, however it houses cutting edge equipment and very highly skilled people inside.

Just like a custom watch maker, Tri Hawk pays close attention to every aspect in the creation of a dental bur.  Raw material is fully inspected for flaws, our burs are inspected at every interim step of the manufacturing process by both machine operators and the quality control department. Every bur that comes out of the plant has been thoroughly inspected and tested before being sent or shipped to our consumers.

Our factory is truly a unique and special place where the “Burs are our passion” mantra is coupled with a “Quality First” philosophy ensures our customers are always receiving top quality burs without waiting or backorders.  Every day our engineering staff work in conjunction with machine operators to actively improve machines and processes. A further walk through the plant would find a manager talking to a lead hand to streamline paperwork and maximizing data capture, while not duplicating efforts.

Xenopus Inc., Tri Hawk’s manufacturing arm, is a well-run machine where the circle of continuous improvement is lived and not just preached.  We combine unique machines and innovative people to make the best quality dental burs you can find anywhere.

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