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It’s all about the bur!

At Tri Hawk we make a product for the bur connoisseur.  These dentists are discerning and understand that a quality bur lends to habits that make for better dentistry.  We believe that everything should be about making the best final product for these connoisseurs, a product that both Tri Hawk and our customers can be proud of.

Many may think that the dental bur is a “simple” product, however, it is in fact an extremely complex item.  If you think about it the “simple” dental bur has to be able to handle a plethora of different factors, including:

  • The massive forces generated when a bur is used to cut hard materials at up to 500,000 rpm.
  • Vibration from the hand piece.
  • Varying pressure generated by manual cutting control.
  • The caustic environment of the mouth.
  • Being able to cut both hard and soft materials all at the same time.
  • Being able to cut efficiently in diameters as small as 0.5 mm or even less.
  • Doing all of this while maintaining a high removal rate and still cut efficiently.

To do all of this Tri Hawk, like the best vintners or top chefs, must select the best equipment, materials, and people to make the product that the customer wants and needs.

Our equipment

It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention.  This is particularly true when it comes to making dental burs.  While there are manufacturers that make machines to grind standard drills there is no one that makes a machine to make a dental bur.  This is a true niche market that creates its own set of unique challenges.  As a result we have found that creating our own machinery or modifying off the shelf equipment has been the best way to build our capacity and our capability to make high quality products at competitive prices.  We are essentially creating our own tools and processes. Writing our own recipe if you like.

We have created unique machines that allow us to generate welds with unparalleled strength, blades that cut fast and consistently, burs that are identical from one day to the next, and packaging that the competition has been trying to mimic for decades.  This further includes:

  • Creating a unique, reliable welding process that generates high quality parts at incredible rates.
  • Designing our own CNC grinding machines for all kinds of applications.
  • Creating blade geometries that cut fast and consistently every time.
  • Designing packaging equipment that creates a tight package that is clean and consistent.
  • Creating a one of a kind lab where we can re-create the real use of burs.

While we are very proud of our accomplishments to date, we never sit on our laurels.  We recognize that technology is always advancing and we always try to anticipate what the future will bring.  We are constantly improving and adding capacity and capability all while improving quality and consistency.

Our materials

Many of us think that the recipe is all important but it is only part of the story.  How many times have you said or heard the words “I followed the recipe exactly but it just doesn’t taste the same”?  Often this comes down to the ingredients or materials used.  Just as a great pasta will taste better with farm fresh ingredients a bur will perform better if the best grades of carbide and steel are used.  Tri Hawk uses the very best materials and tests every new supplier’s material to ensure that it is EXACTLY what we want.  We never compromise on the material just as a top chef or sommelier or chocolatier never compromise on their ingredients.

These strict requirements are part of what sets Tri Hawk burs apart from the competition.  Quality materials help us maintain our legendary strength, speed, and ability to cut through multiple materials with a single bur.  This means that the dentist can rely on Tri Hawk products to be consistent, sharp, strong, effective and efficient every time.  Our burs remove the guess work from your preparations.

Our people

Customers sometimes ask us why we have included people in the technology section of our website and the answer is simple; our people are the ones that create, build, and run the technology that makes our product stand above the rest.  Just as the best restaurant relies on an entire team, our factory also gains its strength in innovation and quality from our team.  From customers to our management to our machine operators, from our sales to our engineering staff, everyone participates in our continuous improvement process.

Many knowledgeable experts have visited our factory and most of them come away saying “If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would have said that what you do is impossible”.  This applies to all aspects of our product and company:

  • Our welding process which produces the strongest joints on the market today.
  • Our brand new  6 axis CNC machines, designed and built in-house, allow us to create unique and innovative bur designs.
  • Our custom-built testing equipment that mimics real life use, permit us to identify and correct problems before they create quality issues.
  • Our bur designs which are the fastest cutting burs on the market with innovative shapes and amazing strength.

All of this and more happens because we have people throughout our organization that believe we can always do better.

New ideas for equipment, tests, and products have come from everywhere in our company and all ideas are valued and evaluated seriously.  We have sought out many people that are innovative thinkers and we continue to look for ideas that will drive ideas.

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