With over 50 years of innovation and research, the technology we use to develop our top-of-the-line burs are what separates our products from traditional dental providers. Our strength in design and our knowledge of what’s important to our customers allows you as a practitioner to fully trust in our technology and focus on your client’s satisfaction during procedures. 

Xenopus is the manufacturing arm of Tri Hawk, housed in our manufacturing facility and headquarters in Morrisburg, Ontario. Rather than using the common standardized equipment on the market, Xenopus designs and builds high-quality equipment for burs that outperform the competition in terms of reliability, strength, and cutting speed.

Inside Our Facility

Our technology, facility, and team allows us to continuously adapt to the market demands for Tri Hawk products. With production increasing 3x in the last five years, we operate our facility 21 hours a day throughout the week with our highly trained staff that are dedicated to creating and fulfilling our products.

At Tri Hawk, we value every step of the production, building, and fulfillment process to ensure our customers receive burs that exceed their expectations and advance their skills. In our facility we are proud to highlight these essential steps of the manufacturing process. 

  • Creating a unique, reliable welding process that generates high quality parts at incredible rates.
  • Designing our own CNC grinding machines for all kinds of applications.
  • Creating blade geometries that cut fast and consistently every time.
  • Utilizing high-end packaging equipment to ensure safe delivery, domestic and international.
  • Creating a real-life testing lab to identify, modify, and correct our burs.

To learn more about our technology and facility, contact us. 

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