Why Tri Hawk?

50 Years in business

DESIGN Combining our knowledge and your needs, this has resulted in customers returning again and again.

COMMITMENT Fast, reliable, timely delivery on a global basis.

Cutting Speed, Strength and Safety

With over 50 years of knowledge, incredible innovative research, professional feedback, and independent studies, Tri Hawk provides premium burs that are unmatched in the dental industry.

Take advantage of our exclusive offer and you will discover why Tri Hawk burs are the best in the industry.

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Our Premium Burs


Delivering high cutting speeds, an active cutting tip, and a long cutting head for large teeth, deep roots and crown prepping, the Amazilia supports your ability to keep high value specialty procedures in-house.


Additional features:

  • Sectioning an impacted wisdom tooth prior to extraction
  • Separating roots
  • Removing a broken root stump
  • Hemisection of a tooth
  • Cutting a tooth horizontally
  • Endodontic access hole
  • Crown preparation/preparation of shoulder

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Efficiency without compromise, only Talon burs cut vertically and horizontally for unmatched speed. Made from a proprietary carbide formula. Talon burs deliver superb strength and cutting power.

Additional features:

  • Cuts horizontally & vertically
  • Cuts through 5 PFM crowns in under 1 minute
  • Great for endo access
  • Cuts through all metals, porcelain and enamel
  • Individually packaged
  • Ideal for implants – pilot holes

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With our fast worldwide delivery, get your high-quality premium dental burs on-time, every time.

What Our Customers Have to Say

“For the past few years, I have been a loyal purchaser of the Tri Hawk burs. Why? From a clinical perspective, Tri Hawk burs are my #1 go-to bur for crown sectioning, or cutting

burs for restorative and initial preparations for prosthodontic procedures. I love its efficiency and I am always on the hunt to find a product that delivers fast, reliable, and superior results. So far, these burs are my daily favourite. I also love the fact that they are extremely affordable, so much that I use them as a single use bur.”

“Tri Hawk not only makes the best burs for the money, they make the best burs— period! They are the sharpest, fastest-cutting, most comfortable and ‘easiest on the eyes’ for the clinician.”

“Tri Hawk’s Talon burs are the best I’ve ever seen for cutting through metal and porcelain-fused-to-metal.  Instead of using three or four burs, with the Talon I need only one. As an endodontist, time is money, and that’s why I use the Talon.”

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