Gustel FischerFounded by Gustel Fischer in 1969, Tri Hawk’s main focus is designing, manufacturing and marketing the most effective dental burs possible. After consulting with several well respected dental practitioners over the years, Fischer recognized that there was room for improvement when it came to creating dental burs that were high-quality and high-performing.


“We have an intense passion for burs, because we feel they are the most important instruments used by the dental practice” – Fischer 


With over 50 years of knowledge, incredible innovative research, professional feedback, and independent studies, Tri-Hawk burs provide a combination of cutting speed, strength, and safety that is unmatched in the dental instrument industry. 

We provide:

  • The highest quality product which results in minimal returns.
  • A commitment to fast delivery which means you get it when you want it.
  • And an equally important commitment to innovation, giving you the confidence in our ability. 

Our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada. We continue to expand all over the world as we now sell in 40 countries resulting in increasing the size of our plant by 30% in 2015. With our expansions we now have offices in the USA, Europe and Asia.


50 Years of Tri-Hawk Innovations

  • Regular carbide burs delivering unmatched cutting speed due to our unique blade and rake angle designs.
  • Crown-cutting carbide burs—our Talon line—delivering high-performing cutting speed through our one-of-a-kind hyperbolic shape and our amazing blade design.
  • Incomparable resistance to breakage due to our induction welding and proprietary steel blend.
  • Enhanced visibility due to our black shaft that contrasts with both the cutting end of the bur and the material being cut.
  • Our manufacturing process focused on developing advanced bur milling machines, a rigorous 10-step quality check, and unprecedented levels of automation.

Building Our Community 

Tri-Hawk works extensively with local colleges such as Algonquin College and St. Lawrence College to continuously improve on the quality of our machinery and equipment with industry professionals. 

We are also a member of various U.S and Canadian dental and manufacturing associations to strengthen our foundations throughout the industry and ensure that we continue to provide products that are meeting and exceeding industry standards. 

Most importantly, we feel that it is necessary as a company dedicated to innovation, growth and knowledge that we give back to our community by sponsoring various organizations and providing financial support and equipment to those organizations. 

As we continue to expand into global markets, we are on track to be recognized as one of the world’s leading manufacturers and supplier of premium dental burs. Promising cutting speed, strength, and safety from every bur, every time.


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