Discover the unmatched combination of cutting speed, strength and safety that could only come from a company with an unparalleled blend of focus, expertise and passion. The quality of our tools allow you to do better dentistry with more predictable outcomes.

Featured burs

Featured for the quarter: Talon metal cutting burs

Talon Burs

The Talon line of dental burs is the culmination of care in both craft and science.  Nothing compares to the Talon line of burs for strength and cutting speed – performance proven over a number of different dental materials, from bone to porcelain, to metal and from semi-precious to base metals.  This combination means that our Talon burs deliver a level of efficiency and predictability that is unparalleled in the dental industry.

The quality of design, materials, and manufacturing means that the list of procedures that can be performed with the Talon bur is long, including: crown and bridge removal, endo-access through PFM, apicoectamies, root canals, wisdom tooth removals, amalgam and composite removal, and cavity preps.  While this is impressive there are some things that a Bur Connoisseur should know about using this incredible product:

  • The Talon cuts VERY fast so use a feather light touch and let the bur do the work.
  • The Talon will cut both vertically and horizontally, but using a 30 degree attack angle will optimize the cutting efficiency
  • The Talon WILL NOT cut zirconia.

Standard Carbide burs

Tri Hawk exclusively focuses on the manufacture of dental burs.  Our carbide burs reflect that focus on a single product line.  Our focus on quality and strength allows us to design a carbide bur that is the fastest cutting on the market while creating a highly repeatable and predictable outcome.  Be it the 557, 330, or 245 our customers, the bur connoisseurs, know that they are using a superior product that helps them achieve the best in restorative medicine.

Surgical Carbide burs

Tri Hawk offers a variety of tungsten carbide burs in 25 mm surgical length. Each of these burs, just like their shorter cousins, is crafted with quality, strength, and consistency in mind.  Unique blade and rake angle designs offer unsurpassed cutting power and a black shank allows for a high degree of contrast and visibility. Our braise-welding technique offers virtual immunity to breakage and allows the dentist to complete the procedure with confidence, rather than worry about the instrument.

Finishing burs

Of all burs the finishing bur requires the highest level of precision and accuracy.  Putting 12 blades on a head diameter of 0.9mm (0.035”) while maintaining concentricity and blade geometry and strength can be challenging.  Using a bur from a manufacturer that focuses on all the details like Tri Hawk means you get a better and more consistent tool to ensure that you can focus on better quality dentistry and be confident in the quality of your tools.

Diamond burs

Just as with our Carbide burs our diamond tips are made with care, craft and science.  Each bur has an even and homogenized coverage to ensure that you get the best and most repeatable preparations. Every batch is inspected for coverage and concentricity to ensure that you receive a bur that will run with maximum precision and minimum vibration.


In keeping with Tri Hawk’s ideals of simple, effective and reliable products our polishers deliver quality results every time.  The universal line for can be used for general purpose polishing and for most materials and daily polishing needs. When the aim is finishing the toughest ceramics and high density composites, including Zirconia and Alumina, the diamond Impregnated series is the height of performance.  Both deliver high quality finishes quickly and reliably.

Endodontic burs

Tri Hawk’s Talon burs are ideal tools for endodontists.  The quality of design, materials, and manufacturing means that the list of procedures that can be performed with the Talon bur is long including: crown and bridge removal, endo-access through PFM, apicoectamies, amalgam and composite removal, and cavity preps.

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