Amazilia Line Of Endo-surgical Burs

NEW: Tri Hawk’s Amazilia Surgical and Endodontic Line of Burs

Tri Hawk introduces a new line of burs called Amazilia. This line will include the FG151, FG151L and FG152 burs.

The next level for endo/surgical procedures

The name of the line, Amazilia, refers to a genus of hummingbird commonly found in North and South America. This bird provided the inspiration for our new line, the Amazilia’s slim and long beak resemble the heads of these burs. As the Amazilia uses its long slender beak to access and extract the nectar held deep inside flowers, Tri Hawk’s Amazilia burs can be used to clean out the pulp chamber of a tooth to prepare for a variety of root treatments. The hummingbird’s speed, agility and elegance are also characteristics of our new line and our products in general.

When developing these burs our goal was to achieve the ultimate balance between cutting speed, efficiency, and smoothness. After numerous iterations of these burs, we believe that we have achieved our goal. The unique blade angles and optimum helix created by our state-of-the-art machinery give our Amazilia line an unparalleled cutting efficiency as well as a fantastically smooth cut. The bio-material that can build up between the blades is evacuated with unequalled speed which drastically reduces the vibrations of the burs.

Burs breaking is the most common issued encountered by dentists with tungsten carbide burs, this problem is compounded with the 151 and 152 burs because of their long thin heads. To minimize this problem, we use a single piece solid carbide to manufacture our Amazilia line and we have worked diligently to source the ultimate “recipe” for the carbide maximizing the balance between strength and elasticity. The use of a solid carbide eliminates the possibility of the bur breaking at the weld and adds to the smoothness of the cut.

The active cutting tip of the 151, make it an extremely versatile bur, strong and powerful enough to make an endodontic access hole through a PFM crown. The length of the head and the perfect angle of the six helical blades make it ideal for performing a hemi-section of a tooth vibration and worry free. It is an ideal bur for crown preparation procedures and the active tip again helps to create the perfect shoulder. The extra length of the 151L turns root separation procedures into child’s play.

Tri Hawk’s unique safe tip design of the 152 allows practitioners to clean out pulp chambers and access all the way into the roots without worrying about penetrating the chamber floor or the walls of the roots.

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