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Cutting speed - strength - safety

Discover the unmatched combination of cutting speedstrength and safety that could only come from a company with an unparalleled blend of focus, expertise and passion.

Our burs

Our burs are, quite simply, unlike any you have ever used before. They feature unique designs, unique metal blends and unique welding technology.

As a result, they cut faster and more precisely, and resist breakage better, than any burs you have likely ever seen. And, designed for single-patient use, they provide unsurpassed staff and patient safety, and they save practices the time and money that would otherwise be wasted cleaning burs.

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Our approach

Burs are all we do, which is something virtually none of our competitors can say. And when burs are all you do, you tend to find better ways of manufacturing them. Like designing and building your own bur-milling equipment. And manufacturing to the most exacting standards in the world. And inspecting your burs up to ten times during the manufacturing process.

Burs may be all we do, but we think you’ll agree that we do them very well.

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Our store

To some dentists, “A bur is a bur.” Quite honestly, Tri Hawk burs are not designed for them. Our burs are designed for the discriminating dentist who can appreciate the very finest in cutting speed and precision, and who values superior strength and safety.

In short, Tri Hawk burs are for the bur connoisseur. If you think you might be a bur connoisseur, please visit our store and experience the unique experience and exceptional outcomes that Tri Hawk burs deliver.

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