The Tri Hawk Story

It all began... 1969, when Tri Hawk was founded by Gustel Fischer to import and distribute dental burs made in his native Europe. After several years of speaking with hundreds of dental practitioners, Gustel decided that our customers deserved a bur that better met their needs for cutting speed, strength and safety.

And Gustel was convinced that he was just the person to give it to them. To prove it, he designed not only his own burs, but his own bur-milling machines, and in 1986 he opened Tri Hawk’s first plant in Cornwall, Ontario. Just four years later, rising demand necessitated an expansion, and we moved to a larger plant in Morrisburg, Ontario, where we remain to this day.

Gustel Fischer“We dig burs”

Gustel today is as active as ever as our CEO, and the phrase in quotes above is how he responds whenever he’s asked what makes our company special. Ever since he converted Tri Hawk from a distributor to a manufacturer, we have been on a never-ending quest for the perfect bur.

Some might describe it as an obsession; Gustel prefers to call it “our passion.”

While most bur manufacturers dabble in other product categories, we have maintained a virtually exclusive focus on burs. This has enabled us to develop numerous innovations that have eluded our competitors, such as:

  • Regular carbide burs delivering unmatched cutting speed due to our unique blade and rake angle designs.
  • Crown-cutting carbide burs—our Talon line—delivering unmatched cutting speed due to our one-of-a-kind hyperbolic shape and our amazing “over-the-top” blade design that cuts vertically as well as horizontally.
  • Unmatched resistance to breakage due to our induction welding and proprietary steel blend.
  • Unmatched visibility due to our black shaft that contrasts with both the cutting end of the bur and the material being cut.

We have also invested in unprecedented levels of factory automation, designed and built increasingly advanced bur-milling machines, and instituted a manufacturing process that includes up to ten separate quality checks.

Long story short, we believe that our passion, focus and technology allow our burs to deliver the world’s best combination of cutting speed, strength and safety.

It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it

If you don’t believe us, you might find these points interesting:

  • A recent ADA study showed Tri Hawk to be by far the fastest-cutting bur for single-patient use.
  • An extensive study by the University of California rated Tri Hawk burs #1 for performance and price.
  • None of our burs gets returned to us by our customers. (Okay, we’re exaggerating; 0.0041% of our burs were returned last year.)

Truth be told, we have yet to see a study conducted by anyone, anywhere that showed any bur capable of cutting faster than ours. (By the way, if you’ve seen such a study, by all means please let us know.)

We’re not for everyone

Okay, so if we’re so good, why aren’t we the biggest-selling bur company in the world? Well, for one thing, most dentists have never heard of us. We’re a small, privately-owned company, and we’ve invested our money in developing breakthrough designs and state-of-the-art machinery, not in advertising.

Second, the fact is that not every dentist can appreciate our superior performance. To some practitioners, “A bur is a bur.” Just as some people are indifferent between a jug wine and a fine French varietal, or between a machine-made Mexican cigar and a hand-rolled Cuban, some dentists just don’t care that much about having a bur that can cut faster and more precisely, that resists breakage, and that provides maximum safety for patients and staff.

Tri Hawk burs aren’t for these dentists.

Tri Hawk burs are for the bur connoisseur.

Are you a bur connoisseur?

If you’re already using our burs, then clearly you are. And even if you haven’t yet tried our burs, it’s possible that you’re a bur connoisseur. After all, just the fact that you’ve bothered to read this far indicates that you appreciate how important burs are to you, your practice and your patients.

We hope you explore our website and read more about our amazing burs and why they are unlike any you’ve ever used before. Better yet, we hope you decide to give our burs a try and see for yourself why we are so passionate about what we do.

Thank you for your time and consideration.