Single-Patient Use

Refuse to reuse!

We realize that it’s tempting to reuse burs on a second or third patient, but we strongly recommend against doing so. You might think that a company whose burs resist breakage and stay sharp longer than others would be advocating multiple-patient-use, but the facts are that this is in neither your nor your patients’ best interests. Of course, if you're a bur connoisseur, we’re preaching to the proverbial choir.

Four reasons why bur connoisseurs want single-patient-use burs:Tri Hawk burs

  • Patient safety. Autoclaving can't completely rid a bur of bio-burden, which means that reusing burs may be putting your patients at risk. 1
  • Staff safety. Cleaning used burs can lead to sharps injuries and possible infections, jeopardizing your staff’s health and your bottom line. 2
  • Cutting speed. Autoclaving a bur even once greatly reduces its cutting effectiveness, which means that procedures involving used burs waste precious time. 3
  • Cost savings. The cost of single-use burs is exceeded by the cost of the staff time spent cleaning and autoclaving used burs...and dwarfed by the cost of a sharps injury or an infected patient.

Tri Hawk is the only bur manufacturer dedicated solely to single-patient-use burs. In fact, our single-patient-use burs deliver a blend of cutting speed, strength and safety unlike any other.

Maybe that’s why refusing to reuse burs is so easy to get used to.

1 Dalhousie University; 2005
2 ADA study on clinical staff injuries
3 University of California, San Francisco; 1994